As we’ve reported before, tea has great health benefits?especially green tea. But it turn out that putting milk into tea, as the English and Irish do, destroys these benefits. And green tea may not really be more healthy?it may just seem that way, because people do not drink green tea with milk.

Tea has been credited with reducing the incidence of both heart disease and cancer. Now German researchers have found out that that when you milk to tea, the casein proteins in the milk bind to the chemicals in the tea that are so good for our health, rendering them ineffectual. This could be why the health benefits of drinking tea are so much more obvious in Asia. In New Scientist, Debora MacKenzie quotes Verena Stangl as saying, “That could be because there they almost always drink tea with milk.”

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A nice cup of tea can be a gift of healing. Enjoy it while listening to that wonderful theme music from Dreamland!

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