In an article on Bloomberg News, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was asked about the Roswell incident, and replied that he had been contacted not only by the man who delivered the coffins to the base for the bodies found in the wreckage, but by descendants of other original Roswell observers. He went on to say that the UFO coverup has gone on far too long, and that this is due to the military industrial complex’s obsessive secrecy.

It is unusual that any mainstream media source would publish an article about such matters without being derisive and dismissive. Does it mean that the coverup is finally going to come unglued like so many other official secrets? As Mitchell says, it could lead to our finding out ways to enter outer space much more efficiently than we do now, and that would be an enormous blessing for mankind.

Whitley Strieber and Edgar Mitchell have known each other for years, and in 2008 Whitley interviewed him for Dreamland. Unknown Country subscribers can still listen to this powerful interview.

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