…unless you’re a mouse – One of the most depressing pieces of scientific evidence for dieters has been the news that mice on severely calorie restricted diets live much longer?so therefore maybe we should eat that way too. The good news? It only works for mice!

If you are a mouse on the chubby side, then eating less may help you live longer. For lean mice?and possibly for lean humans?the anti-aging strategy known as caloric restriction may be a pointless, frustrating and even dangerous exercise.Researcher Raj Sohal says, “Today there are a lot of very healthy people who look like skeletons because they bought into this.” (Hmmm?we haven’t seen many people who look like that around!)

Fat people are probably better off cutting calories than increasing their exercise to make up for overeating, because overly vigorous exercise can lead to injuries and long-term wear and tear. In other words, it is better to skip the double cheeseburger than to turn up the treadmill after binging at Carl?s Jr. (but then, it also all depends on your genes).

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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