Here’s a great way to spy on your friends or take secret snaps of any celebrities you encounter?wear sunglasses with a built-in camera. Huw Robson of Hewlett Packard says, “It means you now have a wearable camera which nobody will notice and can take pictures while being involved in events.”

The camera constantly takes digital pictures of whatever you’re looking at through the glasses. It also has an off switch, in case you don’t want to record every intimate moment.

Paul Eng writes in that Deja View has invented Camwear 100, a digital video camera about an inch long that can be worn in lots of places, such as in a baseball cap. The camera sends its images to a cell phone-sized device worn on a person’s hip.

“The camera is constantly monitoring what you see,” explains Sid Reich. “When you see something occur that you want to keep, you hit the ‘record’ button and the last 30 seconds of what the camera saw is recorded onto a tiny removable memory card.” The video can then be downloaded into a computer for editing and playback.

Reich says, “It’s become accepted that if you tape something like a school play or your kid’s soccer game, you’re going to tape for two hours. But most things that happen in your life that are memorable are short events?and often at times when you least expect it. “You’re watching the game just like you normally would and when the kid makes a great play?a great catch or a slide into third base and he’s safe?you’ve got it. You get to live in the moment instead of watching through a viewfinder of a camcorder.”

Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies says, “It has the appeal to the techies and gadget freaks in all of us. We’ve all had those moments or places where we see something and just wish we had a video camera or a 35-mm camera handy, rather than fumble around for one.”

Both cameras bring up privacy issues. People are already concerned that cell phone cameras are being used to secretly watch people in places like public restrooms and locker rooms.

But one of the main problems may be time?tiny cameras add yet another chore to our daily routine. Robson says, “If you are capturing your life as you walk around?that means that you get a lot of images and part of the problem that we are solving is how do you sort through those images to find the good images among all the junk.” In other words, if we start photographing our lives, as well as just living them, and then have to go home and sort out all the images afterwards, how will we ever find time to live (and take even more pictures)?

It’s already hard enough to find time for our kids, and they’re getting harder to understand every day.

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