Are we in the midst of a pole shift? Scientists are divided about this, but earth’s magnetic field has begun shifting much more rapidly than expected. Earth’s magnetic pole flips approximately every 500,000 years, and it has not shifted for 780,000 years, meaning that it’s overdue. has previously reported the opinion of some scientists that a newpole shift isnow underway.

The American Geophysical Union has announced that Earth’s north magnetic pole is rapidly drifting away from North America towards Siberia. This may cause Alaska to lose its Northern Lights. During a pole flip, the magnetic field around the Earth, which shields us from dangerous solar radiation, weakens and may even cease to exist, which would cause majordisruptions to communications, and should there be solarflares during this time, possible serious consequences inthe form of massive power blackouts, unknown weatherphenomena and lethal radiation reaching earth’s surface.

Pole shifts are not associated with mass extinctions,however, so this is not a likely consequence of such anevent. The human world, however, with all its electrical andelectronic devices, would be vulnerable to solar activity inways that ancient life was not.

The magnetic poles are generated by liquid iron in Earth’s core and are different from the geographic poles. From studies of rock, geologists know that the magnetic poles have often migrated and even flipped in the past, but why this happens is still unknown.

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