Scientists know that rain can trigger earthquakes. They also know that earthquakes and volcanoes may somehow be related. But do earthquakes trigger volcanoes?

A new study says that yes, they do. According to, “The violent rumblings of a major earthquake can almost immediately intensify nearby volcanic eruptions.” This happened in Indonesia a year ago when, 3 days after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, two local volcanoes erupted. Researcher Andrew Harris says, “We found clear evidence that the earthquake caused both volcanoes to release greater amounts of heat, and lava emission surged to two to three times higher than prior to the tremor.”

Earthquakes kill coral, which can lead to a shortage of fish, which are the essential food in many regions of the world. One of the world’s greatest mass death of corals ever recorded happened as a result of an earthquake in Indonesia in March, 2005.

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Some of the things that can happen to you seem like an earthquake?or maybe even a volcano?until you find out they’ve happened to lots of other people too.

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