What to do in case one hits you – Whether or not it has something to do with that mysterious machine known as Haarp, there have been earthquakes all over the world lately, and we’ve posted an Insight that tells you what to do in case YOU’RE in one. Also, seismologists say that the recent quake in Nebraska was a result of the huge quake in Chile. The USGS has confirmed that most parts of Nebraska experienced a 3.5 magnitude earthquake on Thursday, March 11, which was felt as far away as in some parts of Missouri.The US Geological survey says that the earthquake is the result of the Humboldt Fault Line.

NOTE: The material in this Insight is disputed by other experts, so please read it, but also read the expert opinion about it: clickhere and here.

Bottom line: Understand the structures you live and work in, and you will have a much better chance of survival.

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