Although most of us aren’t aware of it (except those of you who come to our web site regularly!) there is a pole shift going on right now, which is part of a regular cycle. But something even bigger may have happened in the past: earth flop. And it could happen AGAIN.

Around 800 million years ago, the earth may have spun on its side to keep its balance, meaning that Alaska was suddenly located in the equator. The theory goes like this: If a very heavy formation, like a mountain or huge volcano, rises up far from the equator, the force of the planet’s rotation would pull the object away from the axis the Earth spins around, causing the earth to tilt and rotate until the extra weight moved closer to the equator, causing the whole system to be in balance once more.

How did geologists come up with this theory? They analyzed samples of ancient sediments found in Norway. Geoscientist Adam Maloof wants to look for more evidence in other parts of the world as well. In, Sara Goudarzi quotes Maloof as saying, “If we can find good corroborating evidence from other parts of the world as well, we will have a very good idea that our planet is capable of this sort of dramatic change.”

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