Dust can be both good and bad: dangerous dust is flying all around the world, affecting both people and animals.Dust from space may have seeded life throughout the universe. Two huge dust storms on the planet Jupiter have been raging for years.

Bjorn Carey writes in Space.com that dust clouds blowing across the Atlantic Ocean may be bringing dangerous bacteria our way. The dust itself can cause breathing problems for vulnerable people.

The African dust storm season runs from May to October. The gigantic dust cloud that is produced takes only a few days to cross the ocean and arrive on our shore. Sunsets in Florida get more colorful during this periods, which is beautiful but not healthful. African dust has been found as far away from the source as New Mexico.

Dust storms are not only taking place on earth. Ker Than writes in LiveScience.com that two of the biggest storms we know of are raging right now on the planet Jupiter.

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