So many antibiotics are being fed to cattle that physiciansare afraid these valuable drugs will stop working forhumans. This is all because when ranchers feedcorn tocattle (whichare grass grazing animals), in order to fatten them up,their stomachs become upset, so they’re given antibiotics.

The Obama administration has announced that it wants to banthe routine use of antibiotics in all farm animals. Poultryand pigs are also fed these medicines on an ordinary basis,whether they actually need them or not.

In the July 13th edition of the New York Times, GardinerHarris reports that “the Union of Concerned Scientists hasestimated that as much as 70% of antibiotics used in theUnited States is given to healthy chickens, pigs and cattleto encourage their growth or to prevent illnesses.”

When we eat meat that is laced with these medicines, thebacteria that attack our bodies mutate so as to becomeimmune to them. When that happens, researchers have todesperately scramble to find new antibiotics, and we arereaching the point where this may no longer be possible.

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