In 1996, aUFO crashed in Varginha, Brazil, and some small beingsemerged into the streets of the town. One of them wasrescued by a policeman, and taken to a hospital, and Dr.Roger Leir has interviewed a doctor who interacted with him.Do not miss this phenomenal story on this week’s Dreamland!Just forsubscribers,Whitley Strieber has a searching discussion with BrazilianUFO researcher A.J. Gevaerd about the recent UFO disclosuresmade by the Brazilian Air Force. For the first time, A.J.describes direct contact between Brazilian Air Forcepersonnel and UFOs, and an attempt on the part of UFOoccupants to communicate that they are friendly.

Dr. Roger Leir went to Brazil and investigated the Varginhacase, and talked to doctors who actually treated the rescuedalien, before it was given by the Brazilian military to theUnited States Air Force and, presumably, murdered.

This being left behind an unforgettable message that Dr.Leir discusses with Whitley Strieber in this interview, thathas gained new meaning now that the Brazilian government isreleasing information that its UFO contacts are true.

Then, in her science report, Linda Howe reminds us that oneof the greatest UFO sighting waves in history is happeningright now. Craft are being recorded by everything fromdigital cameras to cell phones. If you’re interested in ETsand UFOs, this week’s Dreamland if for you!

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