Newswise – The scent of peppermint or cinnamon in your car cah makeyour morning commute less frustrating and also keep you morealert when behind the wheel. A psychologist has found thatdrivers experience lower levels of frustration, anxiety andfatigue when exposed to these two scents, so next time yougo to the car wash, don’t let them put the usual scent inyour car?insist on peppermint or cinnamon!

In his study on drivers called Effects Of OdorAdministration On Driving Performance, Safety, Alertness,And Fatigue, Dr. Bryan Raudenbush found that peppermint andcinnamon just may be the magic ingredients that caneliminate road rage.

In the study, participants were monitored while they underthree odor conditions: peppermint, cinnamon, non-odor as acontrol. The smells were added to the car’s air intake atthe rate of 30 seconds of smell every 15 minutes.

Raudenbush says, “In general, prolonged driving led toincreased anger, fatigue, and physical demand, and decreasedvigor. However, fatigue ratings were decreased in thecinnamon condition. Both cinnamon and peppermintadministration led to increased ratings of alertness incomparison to the no-odor control condition over the courseof the driving scenario. Periodic administration of theseodors over long term driving may prove beneficial inmaintaining alertness and decreasing highway accidents andfatalities.”

NASA financed this study, since they want to learn how tokeep astronauts alert during long journeys and long stays inthe space station.

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