Strange animal behavior has been on the rise, and now a podof dolphins, acting in an organized way, has saved a groupof swimmers from a great white shark.

The pod of dolphins circled the swimmers off the coast ofNew Zealand, herding them in a tight circle, then swimmingaround them. The swimmers soon noticed that there was agreat white shark outside the pod of dolphins, alsocircling, attempting to get through the dolphins to theswimmers.

The swimmers were an experienced lifesaving group swimming300 feet off the coast of New Zealand’s North Island, nearthe town of Whangarei. When one of them drifted away fromthe others, he saw a nine foot great white shark in thecrystal clear water, and realized that they were under attack.

The dolphins continued to circle the swimmers for 40 minuteswhile the great white cruised around them, looking for a wayto get at them.

Dolphins are known to protect their young from sharks inthis manner, but the protection of a group of humans isunusual. However, there are stories of dolphins aidinghumans in the ocean that go back to antiquity.

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