A man exploring a crop circle in Iowa discovered that a dog refused to go inside it. Unusual levels of electrical activity have often been reported inside crop circles, and dogs may be more sensitive to this than humans are. It’s recently been discovered that dogs are sensitive to impending earthquakes.

Twelve years ago, Jim Hodges received a strange phone call. He says, “It was the sheriff calling to tell me there had been a report of a crop circle near Blue Grass. I drove out there and went up into a silo with the farmer and, boy, there it was?a beautiful circle in a mature corn field.”

A woman driving home from a nearby tavern reported seeing red lights coming from the cornfield. “I’d sure like to know how many drinks that lady had,” he says. “From the beginning, I thought it was strange that the dog from that farm wouldn’t go into the crop circle with me?wouldn’t go near it.”

“I looked on my hands and knees for any sign of humans and found none,” Hodges says. “To this day, I cannot tell you what created that crop circle. I was the first person, to my knowledge, to be in that thing. I spent the day photographing every inch of it.”

He flew over it in a helicopter, taking pictures. When he got back several hours later, he found a group of people waiting for him on the edge of the field. “I don’t know how they heard about it, but they waved a wand all over me and asked if I felt any odd electricity,” he says. “I didn’t. But apparently the dog did.”

Barb Ickes writes that, for Hodges, the most puzzling thing about the crop circle was that it was somehow created in a mature cornfield. He can’t imagine who or what could have made such a perfect circle from mature corn stalks. “You can’t break those down by swinging a brick,”he says. “You can pull yourself off the ground by those corn stalks. People naturally claimed it was a fake, but I sure never figured out how. Nobody did.”

Lucy Pringle is an expert at finding real crop circles and photographing them beautifully. Every year she puts together an exquisite calendar, with a different crop circle photo on every page. Her gorgeous 2004 calendar is now in stock.

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