A recent study by Professor Leonard Leibovici, of the RabinMedical Center in Israel, provides evidence that prayer canheal.

The objective of the study was, according to Leibovici, ?Todetermine whether remote, retroactive intercessory prayer,said for a group of patients with a bloodstream infection,has an effect on outcomes.?

He studied almost 4,000 patients who were hospitalized withblood infections between 1990 and 1996, dividing them into acontrol group and an intervention group. Prayers were saidfor the ?well being and full recovery of the interventiongroup? by people who did not personally know the person theywere praying for.

The rate of death was approximately 28% for the group ofpeople who were prayed for and a little over 30% for thecontrol group. This is only a 2% difference, but it wouldmake a big difference if one of that 2% was you. Also, ?thelength of stay in the hospital and the duration of the feverwere significantly shorter in the intervention group than inthe control group,? says Leibovici. Prayer helped ?even whenthe intervention [was] performed 4-10 years after theinfection.?

Leibovici?s conclusion is that ?remote, retroactiveintercessory prayer said for a group is associated with ashorter stay in hospital and shorter duration of fever inpatients with a bloodstream infection and should beconsidered for use in clinical practice.?

Also, two other, similar prayer studies showed improvementin a group of heart patients in an intensive coronary careunit. A recent review of test data found that 57% of thetrials of prayer on healing showed positive results.

Leibovici says, ?No mechanism known today can account forthe effects of remote, retroactive intercessory prayer saidfor a group of patients with a bloodstream infection.? Inother words, it had to be prayer that made the difference.

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