Jaime Maussan has now provided testimony from doctors, all concurring from different viewpoints that the slides he presented at a Mexico City conference on May 5, do not depict a human body. The fontanelles are observed to be closed like those of an adult. The orbit of the skull is 80-90 percent, not the 70 percent that is the size of the orbit in a human skull. The space between the eyes is wider than normal, and the nose is absent. The lower mandible exhibits hyperplasia and there is no evidence of the presence of an ear.

Dr. Richard Doble says "the more you look at it, you realize that it’s not from Earth. This is not a human being, it is not a reptile, it is not a mammal. It is something very strange from somewhere else." He adds that he dealt with mummies frequently in his work, and "this is not a mummy." He describes it as looking vaguely like a human being, but examination reveals detail after detail that is not human. He observes that the neck injury seen in the slide is a result of trauma, not autopsy. He finds many other anomalies in the image which support his conclusion that this is not a human being, a reptile or a mammal. He also observes evidence of anatomical dissection on the head. He describes the pelvis as "the weirdest pelvis ever," and states that it is completely unlike any pelvis seen in earthly creatures.

Dr. Richard O’Connor, a Montana anesthesiologist who has been involved in many knee replacements, first noticed that the knees of the cadaver were abnormal, then went on to observe many other anomalies in the image. There is no patella, no kneecap, and the tibial plateau is absent. Dr. O’Connor concurs with the other doctors that the head is overly large and the orbits are abnormal. He adds that there should be teeth present in the mouth of a two year old child, but observes no teeth. He concurs that the nose is either very small or absent. He also makes the point that the chest is open, and asks why the chest of a two year old child would have been opened by the indians who supposedly mummified the body.

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Dr. Doble sums up his position: "Anybody who attempts to claim that this is from earth is really missing it."

Immediately after the Mexico City presentation, the placard visible in the display case containing the body was deblurred and it was revealed that it described the contents as the "mummy of a two year old child." Apparently, this is not the truth. Additionally, claims that the figure was present at the White’s City Museum in New Mexico was disproved by Linda Moulton Howe, and now it appears that there is no photographic evidence that the body was present at the Mesa Verde museum either.

At present, the whereabouts of the body remain unknown.


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