UPDATE – Are women’s and men’s brains alike or different? Find out what you really know about the subject of sex by taking this sex quiz. UPDATE: To learn all about aphrodisiacs, keep reading.

The brains of men and women may start out different, but once they become a couple, they tend to think alike. And people with personalities that come on strong?either positively or negatively?tend to be more sexually promiscuous.

Men are more preoccupied with sex than women are, but both genders get in touch with their inner feelings when they bond in an intimate relationship. Researcher Paul Perrin says, “Men experience a lot of pressure in our society to have sex with a number of different partners, the opposite of what women experience as kind of the gatekeepers of sexuality. Once they enter a relationship, however, the pressure on men to have sex is not as strong and the pressure on women to not have sex goes away.”

In LiveScience.com, Melinda Wenner writes about a new study showing that “dominance is a key trait of people who have a lot of sexual partners.”

UPDATE: Now that you have take the quiz and know the “facts of life,” you may want to learn about aphrodisiacs. LiveScience.com lists the following:

Rhino Horn: The Chinese think that taking this increases male potency, so they have hunted rhinos almost to extinction. There?s no scientific basis for using rhino horn as a kind of natural Viagra?the idea probably started because the horn resembles an erect penis.

Spanish Fly: This is actually powdered blister beetle, a European insect which contains a an acid-like juice called which causes a burning and swelling sensation in the urinary tract, which can be mistaken for sexual stimulation. The only problem? This substance is poisonous.

Some foods are considered to be aphrodisiacs, such as chocolate (which raises serotonin levels, making you feel happier). One of these is oysters?probably because they somewhat resemble the female genitalia, which at times even smells a bit ?fishy,? probably because we humans started out in the water.

To learn more about aphrodisiacs, click here.

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