Our bodies are filled with pesticides, and they may cause brain tumors. Agricultural workers exposed to high levels of pesticides and people who use them on houseplants appear to have a greater risk of developing this disease.

A new study shows that all agriculture workers exposed to pesticides have a slightly elevated risk of getting a brain tumor, but that agricultural workers exposed to the highest levels have a more than twice the risk. The use of pesticides indoors for house plants also seems to be associated with a more risk of developing a brain tumor. However, the researchers say that this finding needs further research because their study did not identify what types of agents, such as fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals, had been used in enclosed home environments. Their conclusion: “The study supports the role of pesticides in brain tumors but only for high levels of occupational exposure.” Why isn’t our government DOING something about this?

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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