A new study shows that adoptive parents invest more time and financial resources in their children compared with biological parents. And grandparents of adopted grandchildren relate to them as an integral part of the family?just as they relate to their biological grandchildren. This challenges the conventional idea that children are better off with their biological parents.

One study found that two-parent adoptive parents not only spend more money on their children, but they invest more time, such as reading to them, talking with their children about their problems or eating meals together. Sociologist Brian Powell says, “Society often tells people that adoption isn’t normal.” This translates into laws against things like single-sex adoption and adoption by gay partners. According to Powell, “Recent court cases regarding same-sex marriage cite this [assumption] as evidence of the superiority of biological parenthood and, in turn, as a compelling rationale for the current legal definitions of marriage.”

In the US, 2% to 4% of households include adopted children, and researchers expect this number to grow.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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