Six months ago on Dreamland, we interviewed William F. Mann, who talked his family tradition of secret knowledge of the 14th century Templar crossing from Scotland to Canada that happened hundreds of years before Columbus arrived. Now North America’s oldest church, probably built by the Templars, may have been discovered beneath a small town in Newfoundland.

In, Heather Whipps reports that Evan Jones is piecing together the discoveries of the late Alwyn Ruddock, who claims that an Italian friar sailed to America with explorer John Cabot in 1498, when he built the church. Whipps quotes Jones as saying, “To describe Alwyn Ruddock’s claims as revolutionary would not be an exaggeration. If Ruddock is right, it means that the remains of the only medieval church in North America may still lie buried under the modern town of Carbonear.” This is probably an outpost of the Knights Templar.

Kate Kelland reports for Reuters News Service that Rosslyn chapel in Scotland, which is known to be a Templar church, has revealed another secret?one that has been hidden for 600 years: strange symbols that are actually music notes carved into the ceiling arches. She writes: “Thomas Mitchell, a 75-year-old musician and ex-Royal Air Force code breaker, and his composer and pianist son Stuart, described the piece as ?frozen music.?” She quotes Mitchell as saying, “The music has been frozen in time by symbolism. It was only a matter of time before the symbolism began to thaw out and begin to make sense to scientific and musical perception.”

It’s music that is almost as ancient as the language of the birds. If you’re interested in what Christians can do about the lies of 911, tune in to theologian David Ray Griffin on this week’s Dreamland, especially his subscriber interview with Anne Strieber!

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