An asteroid may have dealt the final blow to the dinosaurs, but that was because they were in a weakened state, since they were already being nibbled to death by insects!

In the January 7th edition of the Independent, John von Radowitz writes that “Disease spread by ancient mosquitoes, mites and ticks was probably the major factor that finished off the extinct reptiles.” Not only that, “Bees and other pollinators helped to promote the rapid spread of flowering plants, leading to the loss of vegetarian dinosaurs’ traditional food sources [vegetables]. As the plant-eating dinosaurs declined, so would their predators.”

While the dinosaurs are gone, insects are still with us today?will they take our place as the dominant species tomorrow? Some people suspect that the aliens we call “the Grays” may be time travelers from the future, while others (who have seen one) say it looked remarkably like a praying mantis.

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