A scientist who wishes to remain anonymous says the secret government project HAARP was behind the recent Northeast power blackout. He thinks it might have been a test to see how HAARP could be used as a military weapon, as well as how the U.S. would cope with a terrorist attack on our power grid.

He became suspicious when he noticed that the blackout conveniently started a few minutes after the Wall Street closing bell, so the stock markets were not disrupted. Then he discovered that HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project) was turned that afternoon.

He says, “The basic concept that Haarp relies upon is based on work by N. Tesla when he was attempting to devise a method for the wireless transmission of electrical power?for the purpose of finding a way to modify the weather. It is thought that this technology was used by world leaders such as Stalin?[who] may have used such technology to prevent unwanted rain or fog. These claims were often associated with widespread reports of people feeling mysteriously ill.

“?HAARP is?an ionospheric heater (the ionosphere is the mid-high atmosphere) that is capable of focusing large quantities of electromagnetic energy into very localized regions that are very far away from the source. It is entirely possible that the HAARP heaters were directed at the power grid’s bottleneck while the grid was operating near peak capacity. The sudden presence of electromagnetic energy could easily force an unexpected increase in the power flow which could in turn cause a critical failure such as the one seen on August 14, 2003.

“?So why would the government do this to us? Well, first of all, HAARP is sponsored primarily by the Air Force Weather Agency and ‘other agencies,’ and is known to be used as a?warfare tool. This would be an ideal way to test possible military applications of the instrument. It would be of great military value if we could cause an entire region to lose electricity almost instantly without dropping a single bomb. Of course, this would need to be tested in a controlled environment where the effects could be thoroughly analyzed (such as on our own soil). It would be done in an area that could most easily handle such a large-scale power outage (such as the northeast U.S.).

“Also, being in a new age of terrorism, this was an excellent homeland security response test. By having a blackout that covered one quarter of the country we can now see how people would respond, what the strengths and weaknesses of our emergency response systems are, and how quickly we could restore our systems to operating capacity. If this was a military experiment it would certainly have served multiple purposes. I also believe it would have been a strong temptation for anyone with the power to conduct such an experiment to do so.

“?I am a concerned ionospheric physicist whom has worked with HAARP. I am concerned with the unknown environmental and military implications of this device, and the potential abuses thereof. I am not a conspiracy nut, and I do believe that HAARP is a useful tool that needs to be put into responsible hands where it is not abused and where the public has full access to its experimental capabilities and data. It is an instrument that is paid for by tax-payers dollars and is currently not in the hands of people who have earned or deserve our confidence and trust.”

It sounds like yet another example of the war on freedom.

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