What is it for? And why can’t we see it? – For the first time, astronomers believe that they have discovered evidence of dark matter existing in halos around galaxies. Dark matter has been theorized, but never directly detected before. However, images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope suggest the presence of the elusive material around distant galaxies?in fact, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a strong new line of evidence that galaxies (including ours) are EMBEDDED in halos of dark matter.

And there?s a REASON for this: Dark Matter PROTECTS! Peering into the tumultuous heart of the nearby Perseus galaxy cluster, Hubble discovered a large population of small galaxies that have remained intact while larger galaxies around them are being ripped apart by the gravitational tug of other galaxies.

First proposed about 80 years ago, dark matter is thought to be the “glue” that holds galaxies together. Astronomers suggest that dark matter provides a vital “scaffolding” for the universe, forming a framework for the formation of galaxies through gravitational attraction.

Dark matter is an invisible form of matter that accounts for most of the universe’s mass. Astronomers can?t see it (which is why it?s called “dark”) but they have deduced its existence by observing its gravitational influence on normal matter, consisting of stars, gas, and dust. Astronomers think that dark matter makes up 23% of all energy in the universe. An equally mysterious “dark energy” ALSO exists?which drives galaxies apart, and scientists think this makes up another 73% of matter. The ordinary matter that we see make up only about 4% percent of the total mass of the Universe?in other words, MOST of what’s out there we DON’T SEE AT ALL.

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