But what is it? – Astronomers tell us that the mysterious substance called dark matter is the main substance in the universe?but we just can?t find it. It’s the same sort of thing that quantum physicists say about parallel universes or “brane worlds” (worlds that contain a different number of dimensions from ours). Astronomers can detect the presence of dark matter by the way gravity behaves around it. Now they have new evidence that it really exists.

Dark matter and normal matter have been wrenched apart by the tremendous collision of two large clusters of galaxies, providing the strongest support yet for the existence of dark matter. Astronomer Anthony Gonzalez says, “It’s the most direct evidence that we have for dark matter. You can actually see the separation between where the bulk of the matter is and the normal everyday matter.” The discovery was made with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes.

“A universe that’s dominated by dark stuff seems preposterous, so we wanted to test whether there were any basic flaws in our thinking,” says researcher Doug Clowe. “These results prove that dark matter exists.”

In galaxy clusters, the “normal” matter, like the atoms that make up the stars, planets and everything on Earth, is primarily in the form of hot gas and stars. The mass of the hot gas between the galaxies is far greater than the mass of the stars in all of the galaxies. The galaxies and hot gas are bound in the cluster by the gravity of an even greater mass of dark matter. Without dark matter, which is invisible and currently can be detected only through its gravity, the fast-moving galaxies and the hot gas would quickly fly apart.

Art credit: NASA

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