Should we try to keep out immigrants by building a long fence on our border with Mexico? The Mexican government warns that the fence may harm wildlife.

BBC News reports that Mexico may file a complaint with the International Court of Justice over this. The fences will stretch along 700 miles of the border, and will be equipped with surveillance equipment and bright lights, like the fences around prisons. The fence itself will disrupt the routines of animal species that live along the border, herding them into smaller groups as they are prevented from crossing from one side to the other. The bright lights will be especially hard on nocturnal animals that hunt and live their lives in the dark. Some of the animal species that will be affected are somewhat rare, such as jaguars, Mexican black bears and the antelope known as the Sonora Pronghorn, which is an endangered species.

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Some of our readers and listeners treat US like illegal immigrants?they use us when we’re handy, then fence us out when they’re busy with other things. But here’s something that shouldn’t be hard to comprehend: if we don’t get your support, a day will come when, like the farm workers and fruit pickers, we simply won’t be here any more.

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