We hear about crop circles in the U.K. every season, andabout circles that turn up in Canada and the U.S. as well.Now we’ve learned that there are so many crop circlesWylatowo, Poland that they’re asking the European Union for$126 million to build facilities for all the visitors whocome to see them every year.

Town councilor Tadeusz Filipczak says, “We are drawing up aformal request?we’d like to fix the sewer system and put upa campsite for visitors, both from Poland and from elsewherein Europe? I mean, you can’t just send people out in thefields.”

NOTE: The photograph is of a U.K. circle, since we have nophotos of the Polish circles.

What is the 2004 crop circle season like so far? There?s amedia blackout on the subject in the U.S., but subscriberscan listen toLucyPringle tell all about it. Did you know that if you orderher new 2005 crop circle calendar, you’ll receive her 2004calendar FREE? On this week’sDreamland,learn about more discoveries on the ground?on the site ofthe 1947Roswellcrash!

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