Editorial commentary: As it has become harder and harder to dismiss crop circles, the debunker community has brought out its big guns. A former crop circle researcher has spread a story much welcomed by a media in a total state of denial, that the more complex crop circles are manmade, the exact opposite of what is probably true. The arrest of a self-professed crop circle hoaxer has been used to further this assertion in British media.

Now, suddenly, a NASA engineer weighs in on the opposite side of the debate with a frank and intelligent commentary on what he has seen personally.

It is time and past time for science to stop participating in the absurd culture of denial that infects the media. Crop circles are a genuinely amazing unknown phenomenon. Whatever their origin, studying them objectively will lead to an increase in the store of human knowledge.

Crop Pictograms In The United KingdomBy Alan Holt11-2-00

Alan Holt M.S. Physical Science (astrophysics) is currently a Project Manager for NASA’s International Space Station. This article does not necessarily reflect the views of NASA and are the sole views of Alan Holt.

In July of this year (2000) I had the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom for a couple weeks. The primary purpose for my trip was to spend some time with my companion Hildi who lives in Glastonbury, England. Since I knew the timing of my visit would allow me to see and hopefully visit some “crop circles” I did a little exploration of web sites before I left.

I was absolutely amazed at the patterns which I saw, and was wondering why these developments hadn’t surfaced in the general press in the U.S. After my visit and discussions with various people in the UK, it is now clear to me that crop “circles” or pictograms have suffered the same fate that UFOs and other phenomena have which do not fit the current paradigm.

Upon arriving in London on July 20, I was picked up by my companion and a friend and on the way back to Glastonbury we stopped at the Barge Inn. The Barge Inn is located along one of the many canals crisscrossing England, and is a meeting place and informal headquarters for crop “circle” researchers and visitors. Photos of the latest crop “circles” are tacked up on a bulletin board.

Outside looking toward nearby hills a simple crop “circle” could be seen. After getting something to eat, we went up to the circle and entered it. The plants on the floor of the circle were woven into a basket like pattern. Unlike the few hoaxed or manmade “circles”, the stalks of the plants were not broken but looked like they had suddenly decided to bend down and grow in a horizontal direction. My assessment after visiting several crop pictograms, is that the man-made “circles” are relatively few, which are composed of simple forms having very poor geometric precision compared to the amazing pictograms.

There are other factors which clearly delineate a man-made circle from the absolutely amazing pictograms, which can be learned from the web sites, and several books. I would recommend the book “Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times” by Lucy Pringle,1999. I had an opportunity to talk with Lucy at the Glastonbury Crop Circle Conference held in July 28 -30 during my visit. She personally flies out over the fields and takes photos.

Since I have for many years used enhanced intuitive capabilities to pick up additional information, I did sit in the crop circle near the Barge Inn and picked up some interesting impressions pertaining to the future. In addition, I put out the thought, somewhat as a test but really a request, that I would like to see a crop pictogram appear which could provide me some insight into the direction I should pursue in my advanced transport/field physics research activities.

We then went on to Glastonbury, to London, and then back to Glastonbury. Eight days later, we went back out into crop circle country and again visited the Barge Inn. On the bulletin board, was an astounding new pictogram.

See the web sites:

with magnetic field lines coming out of the north and south poles. The pictogram had appeared on July 22 two days after my arrival in the England (and my first visit to the Barge Inn). We determined its location, visited the pattern and spent a lot of time exploring it.

The precision and intricacy of the pattern was stunning. Even the farmer whose field the pattern had appeared in was overwhelmed by this pictogram. He indicated that there had been other patterns in his field before, but he had still harbored some doubts concerning who or what had made them. But with the appearance of this pictogram, he knows now that this is a true mystery. From his perspective there is NO possibility that this was made by humans or our technology, and I agree with him.

While in the pattern, I recalled the thought which I had sent out for a pictogram to appear which could provide some direction for my research activities. I have to conclude that whatever intelligence is responsible for these patterns, it has connections with or links with our human consciousness.

There is truly an astounding phenomena unfolding in England and elsewhere in the world. Its very unfortunate that the unscientific thinking, and perhaps deliberate disinformation, of a few individuals have been picked up and accepted by a naive press world-wide. As a result millions of people have been deprived of the opportunity to experience a consciousness expanding phenomena. It is our civilization’s loss; but fortunately the apparently successful attempt to ridicule or “debunk” crop circles will do nothing stop what may be a major transformation ahead for humanity.

From my perspective, there is also a warning or “be prepared” message coming through the crop pictograms as well. We have not been very good stewards of the planet on which we are living. We have recklessly depleted resources; contaminated water, air and Earth; threatened the foundation of Earth’s viability with the use and testing of nuclear weapons (and perhaps other exotic technology) and continue to waste at least one-half of what we produce (especially here in the U.S.). The Earth can compensate for some of our mistakes, but it too goes through transformations. If our care of our planet is not dramatically improved soon, we may not have many more years to enjoy the beauty and nurturing environment which even now the Earth still provides (the year 2012 could be a turning point).

?2000 by Alan Holt

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