What may be the most magnificent crop circle ever formed was discovered in the English county of Wiltshire on August 13. The formation is nine hundred feet across and consists of a flawlessly rendered Julia set of masterful design.

Crop Circle researchers are in awe of the formation, which consists of at least four hundred separate circles, all of perfect design. Seasoned researcher Stuart Dike said, “I have been into probably nearly a thousand different crop circles spanning 11 years, but this formation ranks as one of the most awe-inspiring masterpieces I have had the pleasure to experience.”

The sheer magnificence and perfection of the formation silenced the skeptics, and none of the groups claiming to create the circles came forward to assert that they had made it.

Observers entering the circle have been overwhelmed by the view that presents itself from the ground, of a sea of small, beautifully shaped formations stretching off in every direction.

This may well be the most magnificent crop circle ever formed. It must make even the most hardened debunker take notice.

Recently a number of crop circle researchers, most notably Colin Andrews, have claimed that most or all of these formations are manmade. However, it is hard to see how any known technology could have created this form.

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The photograph reproduced in this story is courtesy of Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas. Be sure and visit their Temporary Temples homepage.

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