A crop circle shaped like a bull’s eye has been returning toa field in Tennessee for the past three years, and extensivetesting is being done on crop circles in Wisconsin.

In the Maryville (Tennessee) Daily Times, Patricia GramesPollock quotes Jack Ledbetter as saying, “To me it’sstrange, and I would like to have an answer.” The circle isabout 20 feet wide, and there is a 10-inch hole in itscenter. It appears in grass, rather than in a field ofcrops, as most circles do. This one is also differentbecause it develops gradually. Most crop circles appearsuddenly, over the space of a few hours, which is why it?sso hard to identify who created them.

Ledbetter and his wife Mary have lived on the four-acreproperty for 38 years, and it’s been in their family forgenerations. “It’s sort of a family joke that it could befrom aliens,” says daughter-in-law Nema Ledbetter. “Somethink it’s a sinkhole or even Indian burial ground. I callit a mystery.”

Amy Kimmes writes in the Wausau (Wisconsin) Daily Heraldthat dairy farmer Scott Worden has agreed to letinvestigators inspect six crop circles that turned up in hisbarley field. Worden says, “Everybody thinks I’m nuts, but Ijust want to know what caused it. I know cows more than Iknow circles.”

Crop circle investigators Terry Fisk Chad Lewis tested thefield for radioactivity with a Geiger counter and used aTriField meter to measure magnetic, electrical and radiowaves, as well as microwaves. They were disappointed to findthat the field had been harvested, so the circles were nolonger visible. Fisk says, “You usually can tell [a hoax by]how the crops have been laid down and if there is damage tothe crops.”

Lewis says, “We like to compare the crop inside the circlesto the crop outside the circles. Obviously, since this hasbeen cut, we can’t do that.”

They took soil and crop samples which they’ll send to BLTCrop Circle Investigations in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Results from the lab work will not be available until spring2005.

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