From Linda Moulton Howe:

On August 1, 2001, Robert Boerman, crop circle researcher and producer of the Dutch crop circle website, received a report of a new formation in Stadskanaal shaped like a scorpion with a tail made up of 8 circles. This was the second formation in the 2001 season discovered in Stadskanaal. Boerman and his nephew, Jan Willem Bobbink, went to the farm owned by J. A. Adams to measure and sample the plants. Jan Willem used dowsing rods to determine energy ley lines. He drew a black and white diagram of the ?scorpion.? Boerman and Bobbink thought the formation was at least a week old at the time and concluded it first emerged around July 24, 2001.

A week after the first visit, Dutch physicist Eltjo Haselhoff, Chairman of the Dutch CCCS crop circle research organization, called Boerman to ask about returning to the crop circle so that Eltjo could do his own sampling and measurements. On Tuesday, August 7, 2001, Boerman and Bobbink, returned to the Stadskanaal formation with Haselhoff.

Robert Boerman says, ?After we were ready with the sampling, we took some nice photos (of) ourselves for the archive and I had to go to the tail to take some pole shots of the head of the formation. When I entered the 8th circle, I was stupefied to see that there was a brand new circle added to the tail! I counted and re-counted the circles of the tail. There were 9 circles instead of the 8 we counted before. During our research, there was an extra circle added. Just like that, and we didn?t see or hear anything. About ten minutes before, Jan Willem had taken some samples from the last circle, the 8th of the tail, and he didn?t see a new circle. He is 200% sure that there wasn?t a new circle at that time.? The transformation seems to have occurred at some point in a ten minute period on August 7 around 3 p.m. in bright daylight.

Biophysicist W. C. Levengood of Michigan was the first scientist to study crop formation plants and reported in the respected botany journal, Physiologia Plantarum, that one of the physical effects found repeatedly in unusual crop formations were brown holes in growth nodes that he linked to heating of plant cell water by microwave energy, causing the cell water to explode from the growth nodes. Levengood?s hypothesis is that a ?spinning plasma vortex? of complex energies including microwaves interacts with plants when the formations occur, but he does not yet know the source of this energy.

Boerman says, ?We visited the formation some days before and measured everything. We found some blown (growth) nodes and we think, ?That?s nice that we find something like that.? The second day when we entered the formation together with Eltjo Hasselhoff and my nephew, Jan Willem Bobbink, we did some samplings as Eltjo Hasselhoff does. We measured again the complete formation which was about 40 meters (130 feet) long and the largest head ring was about 22 meters (72 feet) in diameter.

?My nephew was again at the tail of the formation to take some samples in the 8th circle, the last circle of the tail. He came back to us, Eltjo and me, and we decided, ?OK, guys, we have got everything. Let?s go home.? Then I had the feeling that I had to go again into the formation to take some pole shots (camera up on a pole to image more from above) and I walked to the tail. I said, ?What is this? A ninth circle!? A complete new circle appeared there during our research.

??When I saw the 9th circle, I was completely astonished. I counted and recounted the circles in the tail and there were nine, including the new one. Then I shouted to Eltjo, ?Come over here. A new circle!? And he looked very amazed. Then we took some photos and one or two minutes later, I feel a pain in my legs. Like prickling feeling. I don?t remember it very good because we were completely astonished about the discovery of the new circle. And then the feeling that I had to go out of the field. I don?t know why, but I just ran out of the field. And then about 30 minutes later we entered the formation again and then my legs feel OK. Everything was gone.

?Eltjo had it in his left arm and left wrist and I feel it in both my legs up to my knees.?Eltjo was only completely astonished as a Dutch scientist. He said, ?Wow, it cannot be!? We had not seen or heard anything abnormal. Nothing.

??Really, it was a beautiful circle. A diameter of about 1.40 meters (4.5 feet). And the center of the circle was standing crop, but it was bent inside the center, bent down.?You looked at the other circles and they were about a week and a half old. But the new one, it looked real nice. Very beautiful.

?My nephew, Jan Willem, he felt with his hands and he told us that [the crops] felt warm. I tried, but I was completely astonished so I didn?t feel it. But he told me it felt warm. And then I had the feeling that I had to go (because of the leg pain). So I didn?t feel it any more.

?[Eltjo] said to me that he felt warmth also. We were just looking at each other and saying, ?It is impossible!? That is the only thing we could say. This can?t be happening while we were there. This is impossible. So we didn?t talk about how it maybe came there or what reason or how or why. We just looked at each other and said, ?This can?t be!?But we are working on a theory that we think can explain the blown nodes, how the crop is laid down, how it is bent, how it is broken, the balls of light.

??We think we know why most of the worldwide crop circles appear in England.? Boerman feels it?s because there is so much limestone there. ?And then the next step is a lot of clues to make a crop circle without entering the field. That?s our next step. If we succeed making a crop circle without entering the field and we find the blown nodes and all the other stuff, then we know which technique the crop circle makers use. After that, we want to try making formations without being in the field.

?The next step after that is communication and maybe in the future, we meet some of the ?guys? (crop circle creators). I don?t know, but that?s a far away future.

?Eltjo?s research connects spherical energies above the crop to plants going down in formations. I don?t know what the balls of lights are. Maybe it?s intelligence that is controlled? Or maybe the lights are on their own. I don?t know that. But there is a relationship. Absolutely. And as Levengood told us about the plasma vortex theory, it fits exactly our theory.?

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