Meatless corn dogs have been recalled from grocery shelves by the Kellogg Company, after they were found to contain genetically engineered corn not approved for human consumption.

The environmental group Greenpeace announced that it had detected StarLink corn in corn dogs manufactured by Worthington Foods, a subsidiary of Kellogg, that were purchased in a Baltimore Safeway. Worthington Foods produces corn dogs that are sold under the names Morningstar Farms, Loma Linda and Natural Touch. The company said they also tested the product themselves and found StarLink corn. President Carla Cooper says that the company “very much regrets this incident.”

We have no information on why Greenpeace suspected this product of containing genetically engineered ingredients-or maybe they were simply doing random testing. It’s clear that, when it comes to corn products, we have no assurance that we are not consuming GM food.

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