UPDATE: Its prediction was correct! – Engineers have created a computer software program that consistently predicts NCAA basketball rankings more accurately than the AP poll of sportswriters and the ESPN/USA Today poll of coaches. So which team did it predict would win? UPDATE: It predicted Kansas!

After correctly picking all four of this year’s finalists, the program has now identified 30 of the last 36 Final Four participants (83% accuracy over the past nine years of NCAA tournaments) as one of the top two teams in their region. Inventor Joel Sokol says, “As fans, we only get to see most tournament teams two or three times at most during the season, so our gut feelings about a team are really colored by how well or poorly they played the few times we’ve been watching [but] our system objectively measures each team’s performance in every game it plays, and mathematically balances all of those outcomes to determine an overall ranking.”

The computer pick for this year? It’s chosen Kansas, despite UNC, UCLA and Memphis being the top three ranked teams by most systems.

Kansas Defeated Memphis, 75-68, to Win the National Championship, after scoring a three-pointer in the last seconds of regulation to force an overtime.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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