A surprising number of people see ghosts, and sometimes even have physical contact with them. One hairdresser saw her dead customer, who told her, "Nina, I can’t stay long. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for everything."

In the hundreds of thousands of letters we received after Whitley wrote "Communion," we noticed that communication with dead people (who arrived along with "the Grays") was common–and Whitley wrote about this in his upcoming sequel to Communion (You can get both these books from the Whitley Strieber collection, and they’ll come with an autographed bookplate designed by Whitley). All of these dead people had the same basic message: "Tell everyone that I’m OK."

On CNN.com, John Blake quotes the hairdresser, Nina de Santo, as saying, "It was very bizarre. I went through a period of disbelief. How can you tell someone that you saw this man, solid as ever, walk in and talk to you, but he’s dead?"

Blake quotes author Steve Volk as saying, "Sometimes you just sense the presence of someone close to you, and it seemingly comes out of nowhere, and afterward, you find out that person was in some kind of crisis at the time of the vision. We don’t know what to do with these stories. Some people say that they are proof that there’s life after death." One theory is that a person who is critically ill or dying telepathically transmits an image of themselves to someone they are close to. But that assumes SOMETHING ELSE that mainstream science denies: telepathy." (Despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of "contactees" hear the Visitors "talk inside their heads.")

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