Afterdowningstreet.orgis an organization that seeks to draw attention tothe Downing Street Minutes and to lobby Congress to open aninvestigation into whether the President has committedimpeachable offenses.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with any givenorganization’s political stance, it is clear that it has theright to conduct its affairs without harrassment, and itappears that ultra-conservative cable and broadband providerComcast may have attempted to sabotage the organization’semail messages.

Last week, the organization noticed that many of its membersand supporters were not getting its emails. This turned outto be because the version of Brightmail being used byComcast as a spam blocker had had the phrase”” placed in its spam file, andany email containing that phrase was automatically blocked.

Comcast initially claimed that this had been done because ithad received 46,000 complaints about the smallorganization’s email activities. But it was unable toproduce any of these complaints when asked by organizationofficials, and finally laid the blame at the door ofSynergy, the company that owns Brightmail. Synergyimmediately removed the block.

However, these actions, if political in nature, reveal theease with which the small number of corporations who controlso much internet activity can censor it at will.

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Do you want to know who has stolen our nation from us? ReadJim Marrs’ searing indictment,Rule bySecrecy.

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