After twenty years of controversy and obsessive debunking in the scientific community and the media, US Navy researchershave confirmed that cold fusion reactions can be reliablyreplicated in the laboratory. This is the kind of fusion that works through the electrolysis of heavy water, not the kind that needs Helium 3 as a fuel. It’s almost like changing from fossil fuels towind or solar power?all the effort to conquer territory and mine the earth (or in the case of Helium 3, the moon) may, in the future, be seen to have been in vain.

This process would mean a new source of cheap and abundant energy, but initial successful results were followed by a long series of failures. At MIT, scientists did demonstrate an effect, but its final report was changed to make the results appear insignificant. As a result, Eugene Mallove, the publications editor, resigned in protest. This disinformation may have been put out in order to protect the business interests of the oil industry.

The New York Times has consistently reported the ‘debunking’ of cold fusion. It has yet to report on the new results.

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