The buzz from you get from coffee may not be caused by caffeine after all, meaning decaf may raise your blood pressure just as much as the regular brew. Also, coffee has been shown to help diabetes and little old ladies who drink lots of it stay mentally sharp.

Researchers gave triple espressos, in both regular and decaf versions, to six regular coffee drinkers and nine people who never drank caffeine. To their surprise, both drinks had the same effect on the non-coffee drinkers, raising their blood pressure. The results could be caused by the placebo effect, meaning they expected to get a buzz from the coffee?so they did. But Swiss scientist Roberto Corti thinks something other than the caffeine in coffee produces its stimulating effect.

Researchers from the Netherlands asked over 17,000 people how much coffee they drank each day. Those who drank seven or more cups of coffee a day were 50% less likely to develop type-2 diabetes, compared with those who drank two cups a day or less. This study backs up previous research showing that when people increased their coffee consumption for 14 days, their blood glucose levels were reduced.

And elderly women who drink large amounts of coffee over their lifetimes do better on tests of mental abilities. San Diego researchers found that women who are frequent lifetime coffee drinkers perform better than non-coffee drinkers on memory tests involving words, shapes, and memory. Ladies who were at least 80 years old outperformed non-coffee drinkers on 11 out of 12 tests. This suggests the relationship between coffee and mental sharpness may become stronger as women age.

The researchers don?t know why better mental functioning wasn’t linked to coffee drinking in men and think that men and women may react differently to coffee.

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