It’s a story right out of a crime novel: Ricky McCormick, age 41, was found dead in a field in St. Louis in June, 1999 and his killer has never been caught. But McCormick left a CLUE about his murder–except no one can read it because it’s in code! Two mysterious pieces of paper were found in his pants pocket.

The FBI assumes this was a code McCormick knew that was used by his murderer to lure him to the place where he was killed, and they want to learn the secret so they’re searching for good code breakers. MSNBC quotes the FBI’s Dan Olson as saying, "We could use some help with this one. Breaking this code could reveal the victim’s whereabouts before his death and could lead to the solution of a homicide. Not every cipher we get arrives at our door under those circumstances. "Even if we found out that he was writing a grocery list or a love letter, we would still want to see how the code is solved. This is a cipher system we know nothing about."

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