While most of us were innocently surfing away on our computers Monday evening, the entire internet was almost taken down. The FBI has launched an investigation into the attempt to destroy the net by trying to cripple key servers by deluging them with many times more data than they usually receive. But since servers are spread around the world, have fast connections and ordinarily cope with many data requests, the net did not go down. “As best we can tell, no user noticed and the attack was dealt with and life goes on,” says Louis Touton, of Assigned Names and Numbers.

“What we learned yesterday is?it is hard to kill this system,” says Paul Vixie of the Internet Software Consortium. “The Internet is sort of the cockroach of the modern age. It survives.”

According to Gary Milo of Webscreen Technology, internet attacks are growing more frequent every month and he now thinks about 4,000 take place every week. He says, “They can be started by anything from a bored teenager to a disgruntled employee.”

Jose Arguilles says we can find peace and happiness by living a pre-internet life and following the calendar of the ancient Mayans. See if you agree by reading ?Time & Technosphere,?click here.

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