Yet Again! – An asteroid almost impacted the earth on Friday, November 6. As usual, we got no warning from NASA, since it wasn’t discovered until the same day it almost hit us. At this rate we won’t survive until 2012! An asteroid strike plays a major part in Whitley’s upcoming novel The Omega Point, which he will discuss on Coast to Coast AM on Thursday.

In the November 11th edition of the Daily Mail, Claire Bates reports that it was the third-closest known (non-impacting) earth approach for asteroid on record and says, “A similar sized object slammed into Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. The impact created a blast so powerful it leveled 1,200 square miles of forest.”It’s happened before: A mysterious basin off the coast of India could be the largest, multi-ringed impact crater the world has ever seen. It may have been responsible for killing the dinosaurs off 65 million years ago.

Researcher Sankar Chatterjee is taking a close look at the massive Shiva basin, a submerged depression west of India that is intensely mined for its oil and gas resources. He says,

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