A judge has ruled that Clonaid vice-president Thomas Kaenzig must testify in a Florida court, even if he has to do it by telephone. Miami lawyer Bernard Siegel has accused Clonaid of abusing the cloned baby the group says they created. Clonaid announced the birth of the clone in Miami, but won’t allow independent scientists to verify if the girl is really a clone or if she’s healthy. Siegel filed the lawsuit because he believes that if the child is really a clone, she’s at risk for the kind of serious medical problems suffered by cloned animals. This trial will finally give the world proof about whether Clonaid really successfully cloned a human being.

Siegel’s lawsuit also demands the appearance of the baby’s parents in court, but Clonaid has refused to give any information about them, except to say the mother is a 31-year-old American. Clonaid executive Brigitte Boisselier says the parents are worried that their child might be taken away from them if their identity is revealed, and Kaenzig’s lawyers say he has no knowledge of their location.

It’s hard to believe that fantastic futuristic things like cloning could really be happening now.

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