Scientists don’t understand the recent slowdown in climate change that is occurring, DESPITE a rise in global greenhouse gas emissions.

Is God looking out for us? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show)

Some of their theories are that deep oceans have sucked up more heat, with the result that their surfaces are cooler than expected. Another, not-so-good one, is that pollution f rom Asia is actually helping, by blocking the sun.

Some skeptics insist that global warming is NOT getting better, because about 90% of overall global warming goes into heating the oceans, and the oceans have been warming dramatically. New research shows that this heat is going DEEP into the oceans, which goes a long way towards resolving the "missing heat" mystery.

Despite this, there is now more sea ice in winter. Researchers concluded that melted ice from Antarctica was refreezing on the ocean surface, and fresh water freezes more easily than salt water. But not everyone agrees with this. Reporter Alister Doyle quotes climatologist Paul Holland as saying, "The hypothesis is plausible, (but) I just don’t believe the study proves it to be true."

This shouldn’t be happening: Greenhouse gas emissions have hit repeated record highs with annual growth of about 3% for most of 2010. UN data show that world emissions were 75% higher in 2010 than in 1970.

Doyle quotes statistician Bjorn Lomborg as saying, "The climate system is not quite so simple as people thought."

He didn’t say it was simple, but he warned it was going to happen, and the "contactees" (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this interview) who told their stories to Dr. John Mack thought so too. Whitley heeded the message and wrote Superstorm with Art Bell, which was made into a movie that alerted people worldwide.

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