Want to help track climate change in YOUR area? A nationwide initiative starting Feb. 15 will enable volunteers to do this by observing the timing of flowers and foliage. Project BudBurst allows students, gardeners, and other citizen scientists in every state to enter their observations into an online database that will give researchers a detailed picture of our warming climate. You can’t be fooled by political rhetoric once you’ve seen the truth for yourself!

The project, which will be launched on February 15, will operate year round so that early- and late-blooming species in different parts of the country can be monitored throughout their life cycles. It?s modeled on a pilot program carried out last spring, when several thousand participants recorded the timing of the leafing and flowering of hundreds of plant species in 26 states.

Project coordinator Sandra Henderson says, “Climate change may be affecting our backyards and communities in ways that we don?t even notice. [This project] is designed to help both adults and children understand the changing relationship among climate, seasons, and plants, while giving the participants the tools to communicate their observations to others. Based on the success of last year’s pilot program, this project is “

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that 20-30% of all plant and animal species studied by researchers will likely be at increased risk of extinction should global temperatures rise by 2.7 to 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit this century.

If SETI volunteers can band together in a search for signals from ET, gardeners can search for climate clues!

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

“Mankind is trapped. I want to help you spring the trap.””The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard.””Your destiny, each of you, is to become all of God.”Find out who said these provocative words and first alerted Whitley to the facts global warming, which he then wrote about in his book which became the hit film The Day After Tomorrow.

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