Why do we get the flu in the winter? It’s basically because cold air and central heating both try out our nasal passages, so that we can’t "catch" viruses before they get into our body and make us sick. Flu season can begin as early as October, and it usually ends in March or sometimes not until April. The average flu death rate per season is around 12,000.

This has been an especially light flu season: For every patient who was hospitalized this season, 22 people were hospitalized during the 2010-11 flu season. The reason for this may be global warming.

In the March 4th edition of the New York Times, Charles Finch quotes a physician as saying, "Three years ago I was sitting in an amphitheater being briefed on the influenza pandemic. We were worried we might have to ration ventilators. Now we’ve seen just a handful of cases all winter. I personally haven’t treated a single case of influenza."

A warmer, more "tropical" climate will bring NEW diseases our way. Thank goodness it might also get rid of some of the "old" ones.

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