Close encounter witness Gary Lowrey submitted an object thought to be a claw from an alien creature that was left behind during a violent abduction attempt at his home. Mr. Lowrey has had an extensive abduction and visitation sequence, which he described on Dreamland on February 18, 2001.

Mr. Lowrey submitted the object, pictured here, to laboratory analysis. Initial findings indicated that it was covered with a layer of fungus-like material. The scanning electron microscope revealed that deeper layers of the object appeared similar to keratin, the substance that makes up claws, fingernails and similar organs in many different species.

A comparison of the chemical composition of the claw to a human fingernail indicated a close match. However, the claw is not a human fingernail. It is an anatomical object from another species, possibly a small rodent.

An effort will now be made to compare the object to the claws of different rodents and small mammals, in order to determine if the species can be identified.

This means that, like all other close encounter cases so far studied, this one is not, thus far, supported by unequivocal evidence of an alien presence.

If no species can be found that has claws corresponding to the object submitted by Mr. Lowery, this will be suggestive of unknown origin. We will continue to report on this case.

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