We’ve written before that the problem with Iraq is that itis really threedifferent countries. The recent Shi’ite and Sunniinsurgencies make this clear. Now a report by the RoyalInstitute of International Affairs says there will be civilwar in Iraq when the U.S. pulls out.

The report says that not only will the three major factionscontinue fighting each other (the Kurds, the Shi’itemajority and the Sunni minority, who were in power duringthe reign of Saddam Hussein), but Iran and Turkey willprobably join the fighting as well. Since Iran either has orsoon will have nuclear weapons, this could be a major problem.

Turkey is afraid of an independent Kurdish nation becausethey?re afraid the Kurds living in Turkey will want to annexpart of their country to an independent Kurdistan. Iran,which is a Shi?ite country, would like to see the Shi?itemajority finally get into power in Iraq.

The report says, “If Iraq fragments, then the neighborscannot but become involved. This would presage the potentialunraveling of the state system that has been in place sincethe 1920s, and the U.S. intervention in Iraq would indeedhave triggered a transformation of the region?albeit not theone hoped for under the U.S. democratization agenda.”

William Henry is back fromEgypt,and he brings phenomenal information to this week’sDreamland.William describes his findings in Egypt, the effect some ofthe great monuments had on him, and the tremendous progresshe’s making toward the breakthrough that is at the heart ofhis work: recovery of the knowledge that once enabledmankind to travel among the stars.

He believes that there was once knowledge of how to travelacross space and time through something like what physicsnow calls a ‘wormhole.’ A few months ago, in Egypt, Williamfound what he believes to be a clue to the long lost methodof doing this. He discovered it in an ordinary Sufi danceperformed for tourists. But, seen through William’s eyes,and with his knowledge, this dance takes on a whole newmeaning. This week, he explains it all just for our subscribers!

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