Crazier than country folks? – Are city residents crazier than people who live in the suburbs or in the country? A new report says yes.

This study claims that the association between psychotic disorders and living in urban areas appears to be a reflection of increased social fragmentation present within cities. The authors write that “There is a substantial worldwide variation in incidence rates of schizophrenia. The clearest geographic pattern within this distribution of rates is that urban areas have a higher incidence of schizophrenia than rural areas.” Characteristics of neighborhoods that have been associated with an increased risk of developing psychosis include population and ethnic density, deprivation and social fragmentation or reduced social capital and cohesion.

Psychiatrist Stanley Zammit led a team that studied over 200,000 people living in Sweden, with data at the individual, school, municipality and county levels. He says that according to their findings, “the risk of nonaffective psychosis was higher in cities and towns than in rural areas.” The association between city living and psychosis was primarily explained by a higher level social fragmentation. In other words, in cities, people are less likely to know–and interact with–their neighbors.

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