The CIA, after two years of pressure from Congress, hasfinally agreed to disclose classified records about itsrelationship with Nazi war criminals. The CIA doesacknowledge working with the Nazi S.S. These records maycontain revelations about the actions of Nazis who wereallowed to escape trial by coming to America. “OperationPaperclip,” which took place in Whitley Strieber’s hometownof San Antonio, Texas, was one of these incidents. As achild, he remembers he and his sister being used in mindcontrol experiments by these people. These experiments tookplace at a nearby Air Force base. Douglas Jehl writes in theFebruary 7 New York Times that “hundreds of thousands” ofpages will be released.

Strieber says, “I’m hopeful that this document release maybe the beginning of a process of revelation similar to therecent revelation of the Plutonium experiments that werecarried out on unwitting human victims by the United Statesin the 1950s, for which President Bill Clinton apologized,and the MK-ULTRA mind control experiments, which alsoutilized innocent and uninformed victims. It is time for theUnited States to admit what it did to children, and to tellthe whole truth, which is that these programs continued atleast until 1983, and may still be ongoing.”

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How can we ever find outthe truth?

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