The Turkish UFO site says the CIA has officially asked the Turkish intelligence agency MIT for information on recent UFO sightings there. MIT has requested UFO reports from the Turkish Air Force and from Turkish Airlines. Turkey has had a large increase in reports of UFO sightings since 1999, especially from pilots.

The Sirius website received 14 reports of Turkish UFO sightings in April and 26 in May. Some of the May sightings were videotaped and photographed, and the photos are on their website.

One example is a sighting in Bursa on May 8, when 3 people observed 2 UFOs hovering in the sky. Witness Canan Demir says, “On that day at our office at the Bursa Acemiler Catalogue filming, we went for a cigarette break to the balcony and consider it lucky timing for us. During our break as seen in the photo we sighted 2 UFOs travelling from the

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