NASA Chief Engineer Paul Hill, author of Unconventional Flying Objects, was a distinguished, award winning engineer of the very highest caliber, who knew UFOs are real because he saw them himself. Instead of denying their existence or blaming them on ball lightning, he accepted the fact that they are extraterrestrial craft and used his professional skills to backward engineer them in order to try to figure out how they work. He wrote a book about this, but NASA prevented him from printing it during his lifetime. After his death, his daughter happened to find it in his effects, and had it published. This book is an important historical document, and a powerful rebuttal to skeptics who say that no leading aerospace scientist has ever seen a UFO. There?s even a positive review by astronaut Edgar Mitchell on the cover.

Whitley Strieber says, “In my book Confirmation, I called this the most important UFO book ever written. The reason is that it contains detailed descriptions of Dr. Hill’s sightings, plus his expert scientific analysis of how what he saw might have worked.

“It is also proof positive of a serious government UFO coverup. When you read it, you can see that Dr. Hill was planning to publish it on his retirement. However, he did not do so. In fact, it was only published because his daughter found it in his effects after he passed away.

“They wouldn’t let him publish it during his lifetime, because he was a distinguished, award winning NASA scientist who worked at the highest levels. NASA, the Air Force and the skeptics, when they claim that professional scientists do not see UFOs, are, very simply lying.

“They know about this book. They all know. And they know the truth that they deny.”

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