The government is using our tax dollars to research self-propelled cars and edible space rovers, neither of which will be of much use to the average person. But the CIA is working on a generator that produces electricity with no fuel?now THAT’S something we could use!

John Dillin writes in The Christian Science Monitor that SkyBuilt Power Inc. is designing a generator that is so touch it can be parachuted out of an airplane and set up anywhere, because it?s fueled by solar and wind energy. Besides being valuable for the military, this would have been invaluable for victims of Katrina?especially for hospitals and nursing homes that were hit by the hurricane.

SkyBuilt is probably using the technology of the late Dr. Alvin Marks, who in 1992 invented a solar cell than was 72% efficient (other solar cells only convert less than 20% of sunlight to electrical energy). You could take this film, stick it on your window and heat your home using the sun. The problem was, the Pentagon immediately classified it for military and space satellite use, and it never reached the market place. As a result, solar cell technology degenerated into nothing more than an expensive, inefficient addition to the homes of wealthy environmentalists.

Click here to see an illustration of the SkyBuilt generator.

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